Buccal Facial Massage

What is the Buccal Facial?

A Buccal massage is a facial treatment that includes a rub-down reaching the inside of your mouth. It also involves kneading of your facial muscles, cheeks and jaw to improve tension, circulation and skin rejuvenation.

The massage stimulates cell division and activates the renewal of the epidermis.

What To Expect

After the Buccal massage, the facial muscles reduce excess fat layers and restore the elasticity of the face. The face constitution will noticeably tighten and the process of skin cell regeneration will begin. The face structure will retain a more contoured appearance with more pronounced cheekbones.

This massage technique is an excellent alternative to surgical tightening.


Reduces excess fat layers and restores the elasticity of the face

Includes Mask & 20min LED Light Therapy treatment

The BUCCAL massage technique helps to address many issues:

  • The massage tightens and strengthens the muscles
  • The procedure helps to reduce the volume of the cheek
  • Following the massage, the nasolabial fold disappears, wrinkles around the lips become less noticeable, or completely disappear
  • Great for TMJ problems and prevention
  • Reduces puffiness

To further enhance the results, the sculptural face lift and buccal massage treatment ends with Mask & 20min LED Light Therapy treatment.

75 min – $245